Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long since we

It has been long since we
  • made time to share how our lives have changed
  • sat by the window on a raining day with a cup of coffee and a lovely song
  • spoke for hours together on any book until the eyes were filled with sleep
  • did all the grocery shopping only to end it with a cinnamon whirl
  • lived for the moments of taking a bite of the KFC chicken nuggets
  • parked our bikes under the tree and felt our conversations never ended
  • discussed other people and pretending we weren't gossiping
  • strolled down a mile on a Friday evening with the bicycle
  • sat on a beach in total silence with ecstasy
  • drove down all the way to alwarpet for a cup of kumbakonam degree coffee
  • laughed and laughed till tears rolled down
  • applauded each other's success more than our own
  • carefully picked words to comfort and soothe without crossing the line
  • gossiped about hilary paati and her smoked bacon chips
  • waved goodbye to someone in the bus station and ran around the station to get a last glimpse of them
  • shared our perceptions and differences on any thing and everything from a donut to a song

Hope someday we will catch up on all the past

Even if not we will still be 'friends'

Whose call is it

There have been many, many times when I've felt that I want to decide and do it this way or not want to do it this way. No second thoughts in what I wanted to do. Then there are these invisble thick ropes which are tied around, not letting me go by the decision. These ropes have not been the same at all instances. I have the courage to decide but not by cutting through these ropes. At the end it is still 'my' life but not 'lived' by me at all moments.