Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aayirathi Oruvan

Much awaited Pongal 2010 release and couldn't wait more to watch the movie 'Aayirathil Oruvan' after all the hype & buzz around it. If the entire story is Selvaraghvan's imagination kudos to him on the brave attempt. The first half of the movie was awesome. Cinematography & story line was fantastic. The story plot of archeolgy, search of the long lost last Chozha is totally new. The first half just captivated, engrossed & made feel proud of the director. The twist, turns and the interval - mind blowing.

However the second half failed to hold on to that. The second part of the movie in brief tells the lost Chozha & his famine struck people are longing to go back Thanjai. I felt that the second part was too long with many scenes dragging till the climax. It was lot confusing too which left with many unanswered questions:

  • If the Chozha's had mystical powers to safeguard themselves why did they use it against the enemies

  • Everyone is malnourished and why do they deck up Andrea who is supposed to be a prisoner

  • Their mental power had been amazing that they had envisoned the future, then was it lost in the centuries past by

  • What is the madness which happens to Karthi, Reema & Andrea during the intermission

It was like breaking a myth/belief that the Chozha's lived in a much more civilised way, women were brave & intelligent. It is hard to digest that they didn't have much strategy against the enemy or cannot safeguard their women and fall down without much grace.

I love to belive that they were (/are) lot better than us. Its hard to accept it any other way.Might it is a myth or not I wish to hold on to that as the truth.