Saturday, April 16, 2011

street food @ bengaluru

Thindhi beedi at Bengaluru.. I was lucky to go there within the same day I heard about it..
A street for street food in bengaluru... its in VVPuram close by to Lalbagh west gate..
after a good walk in Lalbagh the tummy was really complaining for some food..

Thindhi beedi was an apt answer for it..

We started from VB Bakery - dum rot & congress buns... Walked till the end of the street to first fill the eyes & mind with the varieties.. so much to savor & eat .. but alas - only one stomach to fill ...

hot obattu, avare bele dosa, masala pav, holige, curd kodubele... and the capsicum bonda garnished with carrot, onion... awesome for the taste buds..

we end it on a high note with hot jilebe, gulkund with fruit salad & icecream , masala pepsi..

rest r on our list for next visit..

more than the delicacies the experience is enjoyable.. no chairs, no one to take orders.. the food is prepared before us & a crowd of fellow foodies...can't ask for more for a Saturday evening..

wish I can eat all & not add to the extra fat :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

wht is the plan?

grey matter is tired of thinking....
can there be a real reason behind each & everything happening...
other than calling it off simply karma...

16 female foetus' found in dustbin....
billions throbbing fertility clinics, pouring tears & money....

wish I remember to ask this if at all I meet GOD..