Saturday, January 10, 2009

Control - to what extent?

On the street and a km away from home, the urinary bladder is full till the tip.
Too sick and physically unfit to drive the car on own or take an auto.
The purse is empty ruling out the option of calling a city taxi. Need to walk half a km out of the way to fill the purse.
Every small step I put forward makes me want to pee the next moment.
Desparately looking into the passing cars for a known face.

Clouds of self-pity, depression and the cold night makes it feel more worse.

Every passing second seems to be an eternity. Alas, got to hit the toilet after all this. Never have been a more relieving moment than when the bladder was emptied...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rehab centre for TV addiction?

No more it is an entertainment nor relaxation, an addiction now. Until the eyelids become too heavy and the body cries for rest, the remote and the television are tormented dancing beween channels. Why can't a sensible man of high calibre realise that because of these long hours his day is shortened, leavng no time for a walk or a talk? All the news channel show the same words, pictures and footage only via different people. Nothing will change over nite. All including the Terminator series, Speed series, Water world, World's fastest Indian, Black Hawk down, Vadivelu/Vivek comedies are telecasted and retelecasted the umpteenth time within a month. Come on they need not be watched as if the first time, every time. What will take to make a man understand there is much more to life than TV and office?

Wish I was back to the days when we had to eagerly wait to watch Chitrahaar on Wednesdays, oliyum oliyum on Fridays and the weekly once movie on Sundays :-)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolution

A list of resolutions are well planned much before the dawn of each New Year. Most of the things like writing diary, weight loss, maintaining accounts, keeping in touch with kith and kin, learning hindi have been in the list without fail in almost every year's list. Why wait until the New Year to take a resolution? Isn't it just another way to hide laziness? Why to take one when I cannot make it happen?

However, I have a never ending wish list which I would like to do for years now..

Water rafting
Sleep on a beach one night
Shop, shop and shop until the legs cry
Fly on a glider
Photograph portraits which can bring the beautiful side of the person
Go on a Himalayan trip
Morning walk on a lonely beach with steaming, strong coffee
Live in Kasi for a month
Taste the Brazilian coffee icecream
Salsa nd Flamingo
Weigh loss nd learn Hindi ;-)