Tuesday, February 3, 2009

click click nd a weekend spent useful

Ever since I was gifted the Nikon D60 SLR, I've been wanting to make the best use of it.. An amateur photogropher with a great love for photography and an absolute zero on the technicalities or the equipment was how I was. For a while i've been eyeing for a photography class until I came across the 'digital photography workshop' by Kalyan, the Indian wildlife photographer (http://www.kalyanvarma.net/).

The workshop was a boon which came at the right time. The workshop was well organized over a weekend which Kalyan began with the basics of digital photography. Having not experimented much beyond the AUTO mode it was such a fantastic learning experience on the technicalities like aperture, shutter speed, DOF, exposure..

It was a wise thinking that he had the lighter topics of equipment types and maintenance after lunch. A lot of eye openers and the one which needs a special mention is how to maintain the camera. Kalayan was pointing out the SLRs which come now are dust and water prone and there he was pouring water over his 400 mm lens. All the cheaper and easier ways to keep the camera clean was very interesting I would say and few of them took me by surprise.
Though it's been months since I woke up early on a Sunday,by the quench kindled on the previous day I didn't want to be late for the photo shoot in Lalbagh. First time to Lalbagh and on a photo shoot assignment was total fun. Putting into act the technicalities and tricks, looking for ants and wishing they would rest and pose for a macro lens shot.. nothing more could we ask for a hands-on session.

The day went on with the post processing and review of the morning session shots. click.. click - its' not the end.. hold on and there's much more to make a nice photograph.. the post processing tools and what can be done, what is not acceptable, the small tips and tricks - all were discussed in the post processing session.. All in all the session was a complete one from a passionate man who added more to the love for photography.

All the video clippings,photographs and the stories around them were very interesting..

Now I cannot wait for this weekend Pondicherry trip to play with my camera....

What is a blog on photography without an image attached to it ;-)
(One of my clicks from Lalbagh without any post processing.)

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